Thanks for sharing

Over the past few months I seem to have had every cold going, from a runny nose to full-on laryngitis (hubby was most amused at my enforced silence). Just when I think I’m over the latest lurgy another one comes along, all courtesy of my son Ethan bringing home germs from nursery school. I can’t be mad with him for sharing, as he is extremely cute when he snuggles up for a cuddle and plants a big kiss on your face. I just hope when Spring arrives we’ll finally be rid of the winter blues.

Sarah Boland

I wanted to highlight the work of the late Sarah Boland (who was a colleague at the BBC Weather Centre). Please take a look at her blog (you’ll need tissues), find out more about Her Healing Through Laughter campaign and buy a copy of her children’s book Cancer is Rubbish, which Sarah wrote to help reassure children who find themselves going through radiotherapy. All profits from the book will go towards Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research which helps to find treatments for all the terrible blood cancers out there.

Welcome to my world

Hmm, what to write for my first ever blog? I guess I’ll start by saying hello and thank you for reading it!

So what have I been up to since leaving Daybreak? Well I am doing my best to sleep more now that I don’t have to get up at 3.30am, but I don’t get that long a lie-in as my little boy Ethan (who was one on Christmas Day) has been struggling with his teeth and a cold.

I’ve also been busy working on my website and looking into a few new telly projects. More on those when I can reveal all.

In the meantime, hubby is enjoying having a new work colleague and has kindly let me share his home office space. He is also enjoying more home-cooked meals together (as I used to go to bed much earlier I’d eat earlier) and even some home baking. Talking of which, I think the chocolate on my millionaire’s shortbread might have set. I’ll just go check…

Kirsty x