Even the ducks are fed up

With¬†another wet week ahead, I think even the ducks are fed up. In an interesting twist, the south of the country will actually be wetter than the north – cue lots of phone calls from my mother in Scotland¬†asking me what the weather is like just so she can boast it’s better where she is. She really does do this and in summer the game extends to “has the sun set with you yet?”…

But I digress. This time of year usually sees the weather quieten down and high pressure take over, but not this week. We’ve got low pressure after low pressure lining up in the Atlantic and that means wet and windy. So expect some longer spells of rain this week, and in between the rain bands it’ll be sunshine and showers (ie you’ll still need your brolly).

Looking at the longer range forecasts I think we’re stuck in this unsettled weather rut for at least another week or two. I guess I better buy my one-year-old his first pair of wellies!