I’m dreaming of a White Easter

Believe it or not in the UK we are more likely to get a White Easter than a White Christmas. But surely after last month’s record-breaking heat, there won’t be snow on our Easter eggs this year? Well, given the snowy start to this week I wouldn’t rule it out!

The later Easter falls (the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox in case you were wondering) the better the weather is likely to be. However, over the past 45 years snow has fallen quite regularly, and not just on the mountain tops. The most recent snowiest Easter occurred on 1st-3rd April 1983, with Scotland, the Midlands and Kent getting up to 10cm of snow.

So, what is the forecast for Easter 2012? Cool, breezy and rather changeable pretty much sums it up. I’ll bring you more details later this week…