Spot of bother

If you have noticed my absence online recently, it’s because we had a spot of bother in the family. Or rather lots of spots!

Ethan came home from nursery last week with a little rash, which quickly turned into (you guessed it) chickenpox. Or at least that’s what we thought it was but turns out it may have been hand, foot and mouth disease. Either way, it’s some form of viral pox! Luckily he has coped really well and hasn’t scratched too much, instead he pokes and prods at his spots (maybe scratching is something you learn when you’re older?). We had made lots of plans to meet up with friends over the next few days┬ábut everything had to be cancelled, except for my husband going on a friend’s stag night of course…

As a mum it’s horrible to see your wee boy get progressively spottier and it’s pretty gross when the spots start going scabby and blistering over. My friend commented she could barely look at her son he was so hideous! After days of being stuck inside we ventured out for a quick walk in the buggy, with his Snoozeshade in place so nobody could see my spotty boy, just the little spotty hand waving out the side!

And in case you are wondering why Ethan’s pox meant I couldn’t get online much other than a quick tweet, it’s because he turned into a very clingy toddler and I didn’t get a moment’s peace (not even when I needed the loo!). He hasn’t been sleeping well at night but I am hoping now he’s nearly back to normal we can finally get a decent night’s sleep. In the meantime thanks for all the top twitter tips. Bicarbonate of soda baths, calamine lotion and sudocrem were invaluable, along with lots of cuddles.

All of which had to be used on my husband when he develped hand, foot and mouth the following week!