Congratulations Ma’am!

It’s the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend, but will the weather get a royal seal of approval or will your street party have soggy bunting?

Unfortunately, we aren’t looking at the hot, sunny and rather too humid weather of last weekend. The weather changed midweek, with some of us getting caught in heavy thunderstorms. The good news is that we are looking at a dry and bright start his weekend, and although cooler than the previous weekend, it’s still warm enough with temperatures into the mid-high teens (just below the average). There could be a handful of showers around on Saturday, but hopefully most places will stay dry.

Sunday, however, is a different kettle of fish and giving forecasters a sore head. A weather front will try to push in from the southwest, bringing cloud and possibly some heavy rain, making it feel quite chilly. However, exactly how far north the rain gets isn’t certain so don’t give up hope for a repeat performance of Saturday’s weather with the best of any sunshine in Scotland. The most likely place to get the rain will be southwest and southern parts of England, with the possibility of rain pushing into Wales, the Midlands and Northern Ireland. This isn’t set in stone though so keep tuned to the latest forecast as hopefully the Queen will have a word with the weather gods to keep the street parties dry.

Monday and Tuesday’s weather will very much depend on what happens on Sunday. Of course, given the fact it’s a bank holiday one could pretty much confidently predict rain, and indeed Monday may be rather cool and showery with another area of heavy rain moving in off the Atlantic to affect western parts of the UK on Tuesday. But ahead of that rain on Tuesday the sun could well break out and warm things up.

So unless you are lucky enough to be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in my homeland of Scotland, where the chances are you’ll get four decent days of weather, perhaps it’s best to keep that Union Jack umbrella close to hand.