Summer at last!

After a wet and quite frankly miserable spring, our weather has gone all summery and with June just around the corner, could summer really be here at last? While yesterday felt quite oppresive and humid, today’s brisk easterly wind has freshened things up nicely and I can’t wait to get the barbecue out!

While the weekend is shaping up to be a good one, we’re not going to keep blue skies everywhere. The reason for the nice weather is because we’re under the influence of high pressure, but there is an area of low pressure developing in the Bay of Biscay, and this looks likely to spread showers into the far southwest of England through Saturday evening and Sunday. Some of these showers could well be heavy and thundery.

Another part of the UK that could see more cloud is the northeast of England and eastern Scotland. With an easterly wind the North Sea facing coasts here will be more prone to fret or haar – local names for the low cloud that plagues the coasts while a few miles inland the sun is shining. This could be an issue on Sunday, with maybe the odd spot of drizzle later on.

But for the rest of us, this weekend is definitely a barbecue one, certainly a sun-tan lotion one with UV levels rising and quite possibly a sniffly one for hay fever sufferers!

Looking ahead, Wednesday and Thursday are likely to be cloudy with showery outbreaks of rain, especially in northern parts of the UK, but turning drier again as we head into June so fingers crossed for the Jubilee weekend.